Yogyakarta Regular Cultural Performance : Sonobudoyo Museum


Sonobudoyo Museum is general museum, not specified to a certain collection. The department of Cultural of Yogyakarta held the responsibility to manage the museum. Sonobudoyo Muesum was established by foundation name Java institude. The foundation is engaged in the cultural Java, Madura, Bali and Lombok. The museum was established on November 6th 1935. The opening is officiated by Sri Sultang Hamengkubuwono VIII, marked by “Candrasengkala” that reads “ Kayu Winayang Ing Brahma Buddha”.

The museum houses collections of artifact of culture and history of Java, which is considered as the most complete collection a museum could have after the National Museum of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta. In addition to ceramic from Neolithic age and bronze status form the 8th century, the museum also stores several kinds of puppets, various ancients weapons (including a dagger)m and Javanese marks.
Sonobudoyo consist of two units. Sonobudoyo units is located in Jl. Trikora no 6 Yogyakarta, while until II contained in nDalem Condrokiranan, Wijilan to the east of the North Square of Yogyakarta Palace.

The Museum is located in the northern part of the Alun-Alun Lor (northern town square) Yogyakarta palace. At night, the museum also featured leather puppet shows in the form of original appearance (using the Javanese language accompanied by Javanese gamelan music).

Leather Puppet Show in Sonobudoyo Museum :

Place Sonobudoyo Museum
Address Jalan Trikora – Yogyakarta
Day Everynight (Except Friday & Sunday)
Time 20.00 – 22.00


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