Yogyakarta Regular Cultural Performance : Ramayana Epic Fragment

Ramayana Ballet

Ramayana Ballet Performance

The Ramayana Ballet story began when Menthili Kingdom held an archery competitions. The competition was held in order to find the best knight to marry the daughter of King Menthili, Princess Sita. At the end of the archery competition, Rama from Ayodya Kingdom came out as the winner. Later, they married each other and went to the Dandaka Forest with Lakshmana, the Brother of Rama.
When they come to Dandaka Forest, Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. Ravana took Sita to Alengka Kingdom, a place owned by Ravana as the King of Alengka. Rama was shcoked  after he got news that his wife had been taken to Alengka. He insisted to get her back and asked for a help from Hanoman, the leader of the monkey troops. Afterwards, the war between monkey troops and the giant from Alengka took Place.

Place Ramayana Open Air Ramayana Trimurti
Address Prambanan Prambanan
Perform Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Time 19.30 – 21.30 19.30 – 21.30

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