Explore East Java: Tuban

Tuban Kwan Shin Bio

The tomb of Sunan Bonang in Tuban is the last site on East Java’s Pilgrime ofTour located 90 km northwest of Surabaya, Sunan Bonang of Raden Makdum Ibrahim was the eldest son of Sunan Ampel of Surabaya. It is said that Sunan Bonang did not marry and left no descendants, thus he devoted his life to spreading the religious Message Pad of Islam. He also believed to have been the first Imam (religious leader) of the great mosque in Demak, in which he assisted in constructing. He was highly respected by his followers. His tomb is unique in that ancient porcelain disk were found adhered to the walls. Some of the disk were found adhered to the walls. Some of the disks were decorated with Arabic letters, while others were crafted in a Chinese style. Next to this tomb, one can find the interesting Jami’ Mosque, another tourist attraction in Tuba. It was built in 1894 AD in the Persian style.

The Muslim world is a world of traditions: oral history. , verbal legend, beliefs, rituals and customs. Much of it is through oral dissemination, because it lives simultaneously in the past and present. In this way, history is alive and continuous. This history is East Java’s legacy for future generations. Local Muslim societies continue tradition by holding “khol ceremony” annually to commemorate Wali’s death.

Pilgrim then can continue thier pilgrimage by touring the toms of Sunan Kudus, Sunan Kalijaga, Sunan Muria in Central Java. The last tomp to be visited is the tomb of Sunan Gunung Jati in West Java.

Touring along this coast line will not disappointing; the northern road by which you pass was built by Governor General Daendels (AD 1808 – 1811) during the Dutch occupation. Along this road there are many tourist attractions to be visited.

The Akbar cave is speleological sight of Natural beauty located beneath the earth. Its is situated just fifteen minutes drive from the city.

For a non-Islamic pilgrim tour, one can visit The Kwan Sing Bio temple. It is situated to the side of the main road from Surabaya to Tuban, about 10 minutes drive to the east of Sunan Bonang’s tomb.

The Kwan Sing Bio temple dates back more than 200 years. Adjacent to the Java Sea, Kwan Sing Bio Temple is the only temple in Indonesia directly facing the sea. The tomb of Sunan Bonang and Kwan Sing Bo Temple are two distict religion, yet they can be found existing side by side.

The temple is dedicated to Buddhist, Taoist and Confucianism religions. Kwan Sing Bio is the best know temple in East Java and perhaps Indonesia as well. A thing that distinguishes between this temple and others is the architecture of its entrance. The gate is decorated with a crab on top, depicting the heroic spirit. The wto main statues worshipped here are the heroic and honest figures from the end of Han dynasty on 162 AD.

The temple offers fortune telling service. Worshiper’s shake bamboo stick called chime to discover their lucky number which are then interpreted form them. Paper offering are also burnt during their visit.

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