Shopping Indonesia: Yogyakarta

Shopping in Yogyakarta

Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta as Indonesian would say or The Special Region of Yogyakarat in English; located right in the center of Java Island and alos named as the smallest province in Indonesia. Until today, Yogyakarta is the only province in Indonesia that is still governed by pre-colonial monarchy, the Sultan of Yogyakarta, who serves as the hereditary governor of the province. The town of Yogyakarta is the capital of the province. In Javanese it pronounced as Jo_ja_kart_and named after the wotn of Ajodhya in Javanese-Hindu mythology.

If Paris has Champs Elysees, Singapore has Orchard road; proudly Yogyakarta has Malioboro, one promenade road where people are there to see and to be seen. And not just it, those two sidewalks of this flirtatious road will pamper you with all kind of street vendors which has a lot various good to offer from Batik to fashion products, accessories, shoes, and sandals, electric sovenier and many other irregular things.

Beringharjo Market
Pasar Beringharjo. As well as many other towns throughout the archipelago, Yogyakarta has its  own famous traditional market. The market itself divided into three sections. First for all kind of apparel product that is selling batik in fashion from regular t-shirt, pants shirts in batik, antique clothes and kebaya to the most glamorous golden sparkling Javanese wedding gown that you can find. The second part is were you can buy your daily groceries and the best third part is were you can buy all kind of antiquates and vintage good from the old time, like golden coins, antique wooden radio, big teak wooden clock, home appliances and old antique furniture or even unimaginable.

kota gede
Kota Gede.
If you are silver wear or gems and jewelries, Kota Gede is where yous should be. In mid-twentieth century,  Kota Gede become synonymous with silverwork and silver handicraft. During the expansion of Yogyakarta city in the late twentieth century, Kota Gede Was merged into Yogyakarta ans has become merely a suburb with the city.

If you have more visiting time, pay a visit to Kasongan Village in Batul Regency will spice up your trip entirety. Various home décor and daily utensils that made of clay or pottery such a jug, vase, statue , souvenir and variety of style and models. Each shop provides different models of pottery product with their own uniqueness  and price. In addition  to pottery a variety of tools made of wood and bamboo are also provided such as traditional toy, traditional music instrument, home and decoration and even a spoon.

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