Queen Boko Temple,unique temple with beautiful atsmosphere

Located approximately 2 kilometers south of Prambanan temple there is a historic site called Queen Boko Temple Complex . Boko temple layout is quite unique and interesting because it is above the hill .

We had to climb the stairs from the bottom of the foot to Ratu Boko temple complex . On the hill Boko we could feel the coolness because still a lot of growing trees that adorn the hill . Access to the Boko Hill is also not too difficult due to very close to the temple complex of Prambanan .

Ratu Boko Temple

If not in the rainy season , the charm of Queen Boko Palace is much sought after by lovers of twilight is sunset charming atmosphere . The two gate silhouette beautifully combined with sun strokes that slid into the contest

About its history , Ratu Boko temple , who also relics of the ancient Mataram kingdom stems from a dutch named HJ DeGraff in the 17th century . He noted that the Europeans who came to Java have reported the existence of the relics of ancient history . They explained that it had been found in the ruins of the palace buildings Bokoharjo , which is supposedly the palace of King Boko , a king comes from Bali . While the other story is the story of boko prabu growing as ancient folklore also mentions Java land he had discovered the ruins of the palace buildings at the time of entry of the exact place of Hindu religion which is recorded by a Dutch .

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