Pucung Village, Puppet Shadow Central Yogyakarta

It is no secret that Jogja is a city of culture . Who would dare to deny . Various kinds of Javanese culture alive and constantly lived in this city . Not just the myth , but also the cultural turn . Collaborate with new cultures come alive in this city .

pucung village yogyakarta 2 pucung village yogyakarta

One of the things that come strengthen cultural city of Yogyakarta as is Pucung . This heron is a place that became a center for the manufacture of leather puppets . If the shadow puppets are usually expensive, here you can find various kinds of puppets at a price that is more friendly to the pockets . Yes most do not perforated sudden pockets . hehehe

Want to know more about Pucung ?

This area is widely known as a producer of leather puppets inlaid decoration . At first , the people here named Mbah Gembloh carry out the mandate of the palace as a nurse and puppet palace guards . After a long time , he finally learned how to make puppets . The results were quite good , smooth as well . Because quality is okay , the government of the Netherlands and other countries are interested to buy it . Since then, the craft is expanding . Now there are about 1000 residents oranf Pucung who work as craftsmen inlaid decoration . Shadow puppets in Pucung made ​​from buffalo ‘s skin and cow’s skin.

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