Prambanan Temple Jogjakarta

One of the biggest Hindu temple is Prambanan , located  on the border of Yogyakarta and Central Java province . Speaking of Prambanan temple can not be separated from mythology and Roro Jongrang Bondowoso . Myth that supposedly believed that one of the statues found in the temple complex of Prambanan is a figure condemned by Jonggrang Bondowoso . Regardless of the story behind Prambanan temple is a lot of beauty Hindu cultural heritage that is still etched clearly on the wall – the wall of the temple . Until now, in addition to travelers who want to relax in prambanan – Archaeologists Archaeologists are also both within and outside the country who continue to want to explore further than any of the sites of the largest temple ever found .

Tour Jogja Borobudur Prambanan 3

In the certainly evening  in the  Prambanan courtyard, always staged dance performances  called Ramayana Ballet  . A dance taken from the Ramayana  stories , where the play was held at night . A story depicting  Hanuman struggle to save Shinta from the hands of Ravana Goddess . Ramayana Ballet performance by renowned foreign , not a few foreign tourists who come to enjoy the show to Prambanan Ramayana Ballet .

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