Merapi Volcano Yogyakarta

Mount Merapi is the only volcano located in Yogyakarta and even touted as the most active volcanoes in the world. With an altitude of 2968 m . dml ( 2001 conditions ) or 3079 feet above the city of Yogyakarta , Mount Merapi is located at 7 ° 32.5 ‘ South latitude and 110 ° 26.5 ‘ East longitude so administratively , this mountain in Sleman , Magelang , Boyolali , and Klaten .

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This mountain has a unique cycle in which each periodic volcanology 5 years a large eruption , it is this which makes Merapi much visited by tourists who come as researchers or want to enjoy the beauty of Merapi .

Merapi Volcano Jogjakarta

When Mount Merapi is calm , you can climb to the top . There are three common pathway through which climbers , both beginners and professionals , ie Line Kinahrejo / Kaliadem from the south side , Line Babadan through the western slopes , and Strip Selo / Plalangan of the north peak of Merapi . All three of these pathways require stamina or physical endurance and mental prime and all three contain hazards if not careful .

The forests on the slopes of Merapi is also very well preserved , even after a large eruption in 2010 many forests damaged by heat but now raging cloud forests on the slopes of Merapi began to grow green again .

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