Mendut Temple, Old and Unique Temple

Mendut temple,this temple is not as large as Borobudur but it has older age than Borobudur andconsidered auspicious by some people . Located in the village of Mendut , District Mungkid , Magelang regency , Central Java , Mendut temple is Buddhist -style temple was built by King Indra of Sailendra dynasty and located at the most eastern position of the straight line north to the south of the three series Mungkid enshrinement in the region , namely Borobudur , Pawon , and Mendut . The temple is located on the side of the road is indeed some relief story tells the personification of animals with specific moral message . You can check directly on this temple .


Mendut temple is not like other temples in Java in which are facing towards the sun rises,Mendut entrance facing northwest . Decoration found on Mendut quite unique is etched criss-cross a celestial creatures , namely Gandarwa and Apsara gods or angels, two monkeys and an eagle . On both sides of the ladder are reliefs Jataka stories and Pancatantra .


Until now scientists have not been able to ascertain the exact time when the establishment Mendut ( notes while in 824 AD ) . This temple was originally discovered a Dutch archaeologist named JG de Casparis 1836 . Next in 1897 to 1904 carried out repairs on the legs and body of the temple . 1908 to 1925 re- corrected by Theodoor van Erp to the top of the temple can be rearranged with a number of stupas .

Inside Mendut temple

The building of this temple is made of andesite stone with a total area of 13.7 x13 , 7 and towering as high as 26.4 meters with as many as 48 pieces of small stupa on top. However , the peak of the roof had not left so do not know the original form. Mendut have many decorative or reliefs which are still clearly visible , starting from the feet , body , up to the roof . Relief rear of the temple is the largest at this temple reliefs depicting the Buddha Avalokitesvara .

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