Krakal Beach, excellence panoramic view of the beach

One beach that must be visited when you want or are doing shore excursions in the area Gunungkidul is Krakal Beach . Krakal beaches provide everything imaginable as a panoramic view of the beach .Along the way to Krakal Beach , the scenic beauty looks limestone hills with chunks of rock . The number of chunks of rock along the sides of the road to the beach Krakal this is called Karst region .

krakal beach

There are many fun activities you can do at the beach Krakal .For example, you can play with the ocean waves along the shoreline is incessantly carried by the flow of water from the ocean Australia . A rare activities that you can do of course if you live away from the coast .


Krakal also offers other activities are a very nice looking fish on the shoreline of the mossy Krakal . There is another activity that is not less fun playing football kite or having a long coastline along the 40,000 meters .


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