Kasongan , The Central of Pottery in Yogyakarta

Kasongan Village  lies about 8 km to the southwest of city center Yogyakarta . In the main gate of kasongan  ,there are two statues of animals that add to the attraction of tourists to visit the village . Entering the street towards the west , treats a variety of crafts has been exhibited in front of the stalls either side of the road with a variety of shapes and sizes .
Kasongan is wellknown with ceramics and pottery , its a central industrial ceramics and pottery largest in Yogyakarta . In the development Kasongan Tourism Village , which used to be the place of production , has now evolved into a marketing place after standing showroom . Most of the civilians living as potters and has produced a wide range of products ranging from jars , vases , flower vases , animal sculptures , hilin place , and others . Ceramic product market Kasongan 80 % overseas , including to Malaysia , Singapore , Korea , Japan , United States , and the Netherlands .
289540kerajinan gerabah kasongan

Besides the tourists also can see firsthand about the process of making pottery by artisans . Make it easier to see the process of making , preferably on foot , because in addition can see directly , we could also wonder to the craftsmen around . Tourist arrivals also welcomed by the craftsmen . In trade competition , harmony among people is still well preserved . Competition more in priority on the quality and creativity of the artisans that add value to its production .
If you visit Yogyakarta , it would be nice visit the Village Tourism Kasongan to look around and bring home to share crafts and accessories to complement your home .


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