Grebeg Gunungan Ceremony Yogyakarta

Grebeg is a ritual held Yogyakarta palace as the top event or series of events Sekaten in Yogyakarta. Grebeg is always an interesting cultural event and is held several times a year in the great days of Islam according to the Javanese calendar. The procession started from the morning by parading Gunungan ( its a variety of vegetable, fruits and snacks )


Each gunungan carries its own name such as kakung, estri or putri, dharat and pawuhan. Gunungan kakung means male and symbolizes God or masculinity. The sharp form at the cone’s summit symbolizes the King’s sharp mind and wisdom. The headdress symbolizes the balance between the worldly and the afterlife. The intended meaning here is the relationship of human beings with their Creator or the King and his people. Some people climb Gunungan to grab fruitsGunungan estri or putri is the symbol for female. Its inner part comprises sticky rice, coconut milk and palm sugar with the lower part symbolizing a blooming flower or yoni (womb) and is a symbol of fertility. The overall meaning is that a true lady must have a purpose in life and possess knowledge and experience when facing temptation

The  procession started from the front door of Yogyakarta Palace accompanied by a guard of soldiers Kraton Kraton (Bergodo) to the court of the mosque Gedhe Kauman for grabs. Trusted by the Java community that when we can get a piece of the Gunungan  we could get a blessing. .Grebeg not only attractive to local tourists but also a cultural event for foreign tourists eccentric.


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