Giriloyo Batik Village Yogyakarta

Giriloyo batik is batik which takes its name from the village in the south of Yogyakarta is famous as the original batik artisans central , special Kraton Mataram ( Yogyakarta & surrounding areas ) .

giriloyo batik

Batik has long stick in this orchard once , many centuries years ago , predicted the 17th century. It’s just the old world craftsmen batik Giriloyo arguably just as a supplier of semi-finished batik to batik masters around the palace Yogyakarta .


Currently batik artisans in Giriloyo already making their own batik cloth to the extent that is the end of the fabric dyeing process , both natural and synthetic dyes . You can hunt batik in this village : village Giriloyo . Many modes batik motifs that you can find , the following grip and contemporary classical . You can see some examples of batik motifs Giriloyo on this weblog .

Besides batik shop you can also do batik learning tours are packaged in packets or short course to gain knowledge about batik Giriloyo . This tour package is very fitting to fill the school holidays , family recreation as well as the format of comparative study . Many tourists who have visited Giriloyo batik village .

in this village is often also used to manufacture traditional film and nuanced against village residents with modest life as batik artisans . You can visit this village about 25 minutes from downtown Yogyakarta.

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