Gembira Loka Zoo Yogyakarta

Gembira Loka Zoo is a tourist object which was inaugurated in 1953 also serves as a museum , the museum of wildlife . As one of the favorite tourist destinations in Yogyakarta ,


Tourists who come to the zoo will not only find animals collection on display in a cage . However , travelers can also find a collection of some types of animals are preserved , which is stored in a special room . In addition , the manager also has built a laboratory of flora and fauna in 2007 .

In addition to a walk to get to know the collection owned by the zoo , there are several other activities that can be done during a visit to the Zoo Gembiraloka , such as sit and enjoy the cool air in the park is decorated with various flowers unsightly . In addition , travelers can also try the duck genjot vehicle ( boat tours) or surround the zoo with elephants , as well as take pictures with some of the animals into the collection at the zoo .

gembira loka zoo Yogyakarta

In areas where the roads , there are several buildings that deliberately prepared managers to increase the tension during a trip to the Zoo Gembiraloka . Some tunnels are shaped like a giant lizard , where tourists when entering the tunnel will feel like being swallowed by the giant lizard . For those who like a challenge more extreme , can try to ride the flying fox which would divide the river at this zoo .
Location Gembiraloka Zoo is located at Jl . Kusumanegara , Yogyakarta , Yogyakarta Special Region .

Distance for travelers departing from Terminal Giwangan about 4 km . while from Malioboro , tourists must travel a distance of about 6 km . Whereas, from Malioboro , tourists must travel a distance of 6 km . Access to the site is relatively easy because many public transport pass .

For lodging , tourists can look in the Yellow gedong or Malioboro area that is more complete options. .In the meantime , if you want to eat , travelers need not worry . For around khawasan there are plenty of cafes and restaurants are ready to serve tourists. When looking for a souvenir , in the tourist area there are also many stalls or street vendors selling souvenirs of Jogja .

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