Explore Java: Banten

Banten, once a powerful maritime capital rivaling the vast Javanese Mataram Empire, is today a fishing village with an illustrious past. The capital city of Banten province is Serang. Old Banten is one of the well-known historical object, only 10km from the town of Serang. In this iste, we can find a log of remains of Islamic Banten Kingdom, which was founded between 16th and 18th century
Place of Interest

Baduy Traditional Society
The area is 5,101 hectares consisting of two partsl inner and out Baduy tribes that living in harmony with nature avoid modern life. It is located at Lebak Regency.

Kraton Surosowan
The palace of Sorosowan was built during the reign of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (1525-1552). Most of buildings were partly totally damaged. What remains is only the wall of the fortress cycling the ruin of the monument. According to the old maps it is know that in the past a ditch as guard surrounded the complexes of the palace. It was said that in the past the small ship was able to sail along the ditch or along the canal to the open sea.

At Margasana village, Kramatwatu district is a part of archeological complex of Old Banten its width is approximately 5 hectares and in the center of the lake there is a square formed “island”. During the period of the Kingdom of Banten, Tasikardi used irrigate the rice fields and as a water treatment system in Sorosowan Palace.

Fortress is located at Pamarican Village, around at Banten Gulf in the past it was used as the fortress of the Sultana of Banten before the Dutch penetrated to and occupied Banten.

Ujung Kulon National Park
It is one of the World Natural Conservation at UNESCO declared. Observe the natural tropical forest; found the rare single horn rhino, the grazing area of buffaloes peacock and specific animals completed by beautiful island around. There is a bus each day form Labuan to Taman Jaya, which is on the edge of the Ujung Kulon National Park. There are simple cabins can be hired and a ranger can then take you on walk into the park. It takes about six hours to reach a camping site. Food is not readily available so take some with you from Matahari in Labuan. Boats are form and of the west.

Taman Jaya
Where the wood carving community, located nearby Ujung Kulon National Park.

Dua Island / Burung island.
It is a natural bird conservation area for bird watching located about 3 miles from the northern of Karangantu Harbor. It can be reached by motorized pars of sailboats in 15 minutes. Form April to Aug the island is visited by thousand of bird coming from the continent of Africa, Asia and Australia to lay and hatch their eggs. Soon after the young birds become mature, they will return to their original places. At least 50 kinds of birds and generally those flying far distance such as herons, ducks, teals, fowls, and other be able lay 2-4 eggs, and stayed together in Dua Island of 8 hectares land.

The Tower of Bojong
Built in 1885 by the Dutch, it is 75,5 meters in height and it is an eighteen-story house light in Anyer Kidul. This area is an historical place. it is very well know for its 1,000 km Deandeles Post Road form Anyer to Panarukan (Esat Java) in 1811.

Karang Bolong Beach
Its is located 50km form Serang town or 140 km form Jakarta on Karang Bolong street, Karang Bolong Beacch is the beach recreation area where there is a big rock with its hole in the center, facing the open sea.

The Hot Srping of Batu Kuwung
Its heat reaches 70-80 Fahrenheit degrees. The hot water is iodized but it doesn’t contain any sulfur.

Mount Kratau
It is located at Sunda Strait, this volcano is very well known all over the world because of it eruption in 1883 shocked the world and had caused a big disaster. The eruption of Krakatau was so powerful and its sound was heard in Australia and Colombo. The new volcano began emerged to surface in 1928. In 1951 geologist recorded that the height of mount child of Krakatau was just above 72 m dpl, but rigt now it’s already reached a height of more than 200 meter.

Rangkasbitung in Lebak regency is a center of souvenirs made of Opal (batu kali Maya) and Onyx.

Bumi Jaya
Bumi Jaya in Serang Regency produces various kinds of export quality potteries.

Shopping Center
Unleash the sense of discovery and experience some of the Indonesia’s most sophisticated shopping malls in Tangerang and Cilegon

Golf Courses
There are 11 golf courses and 1 driving range all around Banten with luxurious facilities, including 18 holes and first class accommodation

Umang Island
White sandy beach overlooking the crystal sea water, located 183 km about 8 hours drive by cars from Jakarta, there is a resort and spa facilities to relax and living in nature with magnificent view of Krakatau and the ujung Kulon National Park.

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