Explore East Java: Pasuruan


60km southeast of Surabaya is the western gateway to Mount Bromo. Mount Pananjakan in this regency is the perfect point to view the smoking volcano of mount Bromo. Its is surrounded by an immense sand caldera out of which mount Semeru, Java’s highest volcanic mountain (3,676 m above sea level) rises. If the weather is clear, you can view a fantastic sunrise from this point. It is an awesome aspect of East java, blurring the sense between what is real and what is fantasy. One shouldn’t leave East Java without visiting Mount Bromo’s spectacle of nature, and can be easily scheduled into an overload tour from Bali


A scenic hill-side retreat at an elevation of approximately 1,500 above sea level, Trestes is worthy of a visit. Trestes, situated just 60km south of Surabaya, is a beautiful mountain resort, surrounded by a lush green mountain range full scenic beauty.

While you can walk to Kakek Bodo Waterfall, swimming, ride horses, hike and even camp. Tretes, with its pleasant mountain climate, is an ideal sport in which to rest. Star rated hotels, bungalows, restaurants with fresh atmosphere and camping ground facilities are available.

On your return trip to Surabaya, a short detur can be made to include a visit to Jawi Temple at Pandaan and Taman Candra Wilwatikta (the amphitheater) where classical ballet performance are staged.

Jawi temple is a 13th century temple influenced by Buddhist and Hindu religions. The body of particular status is Hindu, yet the top is Buddhist orgins. As written in the prose of Negara Kertagama, King Hayam Wuruk visited the temple and called it Jajawi which means Jawa, today its called Jawi.

Teretes is not only a good choice for relaxing but the best choice for golfing. Finna Golf & Country Club and taman Dayu Golf Club are two of East Java’s best sport facilities, set in idyllic surrounds. Both are remarkable championship 18hole golf courses. In addition to golf, Finna is equipped with cottages, swimming pools, a recreational park and restaurant.

Indonesia Safari Park

With a “back to nature” atmosphere, Indonesia Safari Park found on the slope of Mount Arjuno, in the village of Jatiarjo Prigen, boasts a most complete collection of rare animals. In Natural setting covering 860 acres, the park showcases over 1000 animals consisting of 150 species form five continents. Visitors to the park may drive through in closed vehicles.

Purwodadi Botanical Garden

Abounding in natural vegetation, and rare plants, Purwodadi Botanical garden is found 65km south of Surabaya en rout to Malang. The conservation center is a branch of the Bogor Botanical Garden.

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