Explore East Java: Pacitan

Pacitan Klayar

Pacitan, situated at the west end of East Java bordering on Surakarta in Central Java, is another worthwhile regency to visit. Speleological site are the main tourist attractions in this region. Some of the caves are stroclty protected, while others are being developed as speleo tourism assets.

In the village of Bomo, Panung, about 30km west of Pacitan (on the wayo to Central Java) you will soon discover Gong Cave. Visitn this fabulous cave is must. You will find superb stalactite and stalagmite formations, the natural phenomena occurring beneath the earth’s surface. It is perfectly natural artwork formed eons before any human architect existed.

Adorned by long straw stalactites and sperb colorful stalagmites one may be bewildered by its beauty. It is our duty to preserve these natural wonders. We kindly remind you: take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

Local guide will lead you through the cave. Not far from Gong Cave you can find Tabuhan Cave, however, is not as spectacular as the a fore mentioned.

If you going to go to Pacitan, please try to visit Ngadirojo Village. This village is the see traditional batik-making step-by-step production form pattern outlining to the final finishing. Is demonstrated by experienced batik artisans. Great painter are taken to preserve this unique and rich heritage of Java.

Choose one of a variety fine batik styles will be a ice remembrance of your visit to Pacitan. The region is also know for semiprecious gem stone and handcraft

Located not far from the city of Pacitan, about a 10 minutes drive is Teleng Ria Beach. Good for sun bathing, swimming, and fishing. This beach wil provide a pleasant spot to rest from your busy day of exploration. Beside Teleng Ria, Klayar and Banyu Tibo beach also recommend beach to visit in Pacitan.

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