Beringharjo Biggest Traditional market in Yogyakarta

Centrally located in the “heart” of the economy of the city of Jogjakarta , that is, an area of Malioboro area . Beringharjo has its own attraction for tourists who want to spend time for shopping . As one of the epithet beautiful traditional markets in Jogjakarta might not excessive references to Beringharjo .

Beringharjo is the biggest tradional market in Yogyakarta and has been a center of economic activity for hundreds of years and it has  historical and philosophical values ​​that can not be separated long enough to Kraton . Markets have repeatedly restored represents a stage of human life is still Trying to accomodate the needs of the economy .

Various needs of our day can be found here , and the most famous of Beringharjo is a collection of batik industry . As Sentra biggest batik market in Jogjakarta Bringharjo is the best place for a complete collection of batik industry . From batik cloth and had become garments, cotton to silk , from the cheap until expensive available in this market .

beringharjo market

If we go from west gate , visitors will find a direct batik fabric collection . Meanwhile batik clothing collection can be found in almost all markets of the west side . Besides batik , west los markets also offer Surjan shirt , blangkon , and woven or batik sarong . Besides batik collection , sandals and handbags are sold at a cheap price can we found around the west side of the escalator market .

In the eastern part of the souvenir sellers Beringharjo there or goods to souvenirs that can be purchased in total wholesale / dozen up can be much cheaper price . In this place a lot to offer Multiple Imitation jewelry and bridal supplies , until not so rare , also many bridal dressing ( Javanese ) who hunt the latest collections of bridal equipment in this market .

yogyakarta tour to see_Beringharjo crafts and batik market

On the second floor is a busy market for you to hunt for antiques . helmets are made ​​in the 60′s that have mica limited by the front of her nose and so on . On the floor , you can hunt for quality used items . A wide range of imported container goods like shoes, bags , even clothing is sold at prices far cheaper than the original price with good quality still .

On the second floor is also a medicinal Sentra , so do not be surprised when the smell aroma jejamuan very stinging ( but still menyehatkan.hehe ) . Location is indeed the center of the bed material sale herbs and spices Java . The sale of medicinal plants such as turmeric are commonly used to make turmeric acid and temulawak ( bitter ask forgiveness ) are used to make herbal medicine. Offered spices are ginger , cinnamon , etc. .

Satisfied Market around inside , it was time to explore the surrounding area with the charm shopping market is just as interesting . Markets northern areas formerly known as Village Chinatown . You can find oldies cassettes of musicians in the 50′s that is rarely found elsewhere . In addition, there is also a form of metal craft Buddhist statues in various positions. And for collectors of ancient money , this place also sell money from different countries , but also used in the 30′s .

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